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The Little Builder Drill
The Little Builder Drill
The Little Builder Drill
The Little Builder Drill
The Little Builder Drill
The Little Builder Drill
The Little Builder Drill

The Little Builder Drill

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ENJOY HOURS OF PLAYTIME - No holes, just unlimited enjoyment. Your kids will surely love pulling the trigger of this toy drill to watch the robot riding it move back and forth to the toy's music.

LISTEN TO CHEERFUL SOUNDS - Help your little ones discover new nursery rhymes. This kids drill can play 3 melodies, including Little Bee, Down the Mountain Side We Go, and Polly Wolly Doodle.

EASY TO OPERATE - Fitted with an on and off switch and volume control buttons, this toy drill for toddlers is easy to use. Your little ones won't have any trouble playing with this toy on their own.

SAFE TO PLAY WITH - Crafted using durable plastic material, this toy has no harsh elements that could harm your kids. It also has no sharp edges, so you won't have to worry about your child's safety.

MADE FOR YOUR KIDS - We're dedicated to providing contemporary parents with modern solutions. Our products are specially designed to be fun and colorful while helping with early childhood learning.

Want to encourage your little one's curiosity?

Kids are curious in nature. Since they're still exploring and learning about the world, they are easily astonished by everything that surrounds them — from fun tunes in the background, flashing lights, to vibrant toys and room decoration.

As parents, it's our duty to stimulate our children's curiosity. Doing so will help them learn about the world better while boosting their imagination and creativity. But where do we start?

Keep your little ones amused with the KiddoLab The Little Builder Drill!

It may not be able to make actual holes, but our toy is sure to put a smile on any child’s face. Our drill gun comes in a fun and colorful design with an adorable robot builder sitting on top of it. Every time your toddler presses the toy’s trigger, the robot will start to move back and forth while the drill head spins around.

Teach your kids new tunes and let them indulge in the music they hear. Our toy can play 3 lovely melodies, including "Little Bee”, "Down the Mountain Side We Go”, and "Polly Wolly Doodle." Listening to music has been shown to promote brain development in babies. The toy even has a flashing light whenever it plays music.

We wouldn't want your kids to go anywhere near real construction tools. That's why our toy is made using durable plastic that has no sharp edges that could harm your baby's hands whenever they play with it. It also has no choking hazards.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons you should get this drill gun toy:

✅ Packed in a gift-ready box

✅ Only needs 1x AAA battery (not included)

✅ ASTM certified

✅ Perfect gift for boys and girls, 6 months old and up

Pull the trigger on this toy drill and start the fun. Add the KiddoLab The Little Builder Drill to your cart TODAY!


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