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Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe
Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe
Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe
Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe
Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe
Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe
Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe

Sing 'N Learn Animal Pal - Giraffe

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🦒 HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING - Help your kids discover new sounds and nursery rhymes! This giraffe toy can sing Are You Sleeping, The Spinning Song, Did You Ever See a Lassie, and I Love Little Pussy.

🦒 YOUR CHILD'S BESTFRIEND - Give your little one a music toy they can cuddle and play with all day. This giraffe baby toy comes with soft fillings and a smooth outer fabric that's gentle against baby skin.

🦒 A DELIGHT FOR THE SENSES - This adorable baby giraffe toy is equipped with 3 buttons that light up as the toy sings. The lights are mesmerizing and can be used to distract an upset child.

🦒 SAFE FOR TODDLERS - Crafted using safe and durable plastic, fabric, and electronics, this baby music toy has no parts that could harm your children. Let your toddlers enjoy it without worries.

🦒 MADE FOR YOUR KIDS - We're dedicated to providing contemporary parents with modern solutions. Our products are specially designed to be fun and colorful while helping with early childhood learning.

Are your looking for the perfect toy to keep your child entertained?

Plushies are one of the most popular toys a kid can have. Children tend to become emotionally attached to their stuffed animals because it gives them the support they need through emotional ups and downs.

But eventually, our little ones might get bored of their stationary toys and want something they can interact with. When this happens, it's important that we have a toy ready for them before they throw a tantrum. The question now is what should we give them?

Make play time more fun with the Kiddolab Sing 'N Learn With Me Plushie!

Give your munchkins a toy that's as cuddly as a stuffed animal but livelier and educational! Our adorable yellow giraffe plushie features 4 melodies to help your little ones memorize and learn new rhymes. Each toy can sing "Are You Sleeping," "The Spinning Song”, "Did You Ever See A Lassie," and "I Love Little Pussy," which will surely make your kids giggle with joy.

Whenever this stuffed toy plays its cheerful music, its 3 buttons will start to light up and blink. This makes it a wonderful companion for children at night, especially if you’re training them to sleep alone. It’s also a great way to distract your child from upsetting or frightening situations.

To make sure that your toddlers will still have a huggable friend when they sleep, our toy comes with a soft stuffing and smooth, hypoallergenic outer fabric. With this, your little ones can keep cuddling their plushie without their skin feeling itchy or irritated.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons you should get this plushie

Packed in a gift-ready box

Only needs 2 AA batteries (not included)

Perfect gift for boys and girls, 3 months old and up

Give your child a toy that’s both entertaining and educational. Add the Kiddolab Sing 'N Learn With Me Plushie to your cart TODAY!


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