R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar – KiddoLab Toys
R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar
R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar
R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar
R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar
R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar
R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar
R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar

R/C Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar

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🐛 GIGGLIN' FUN - Watch your child smile and laugh while playing with this caterpillar music toy with a flashing bow tie! It wriggles as it rolls carrying a small sliding caterpillar on its back.

🐛 REMOTE-CONTROLLED TOY CATERPILLARS - The apple-shaped controllers of our caterpillar toys for kids feature an ergonomic design with a simple layout and large buttons that are easy to press.

🐛 SING & DANCE ALONG - Each of these caterpillar toys for boys and girls is programmed with 10 children's songs. Switch from one song to another by pressing the button on the caterpillar's back.

🐛 DURABLE CATERPILLAR TOYS FOR TODDLERS - The musical caterpillar and remote are made of durable plastic. They stand well against regular wear and tear and even the occasional crashes or drops!

🐛 A CHILD-SAFE TOY CATERPILLAR - This caterpillar toy for kids is ASTM tested and approved. The paint used is child-friendly and doesn't contain harsh chemicals that may harm your kid's health.

Looking for an interactive toy to keep your kid entertained and happy?

Interactive toys aren't just fun — they also provide plenty your little ones with plenty of learning opportunities! Aside from that, they can also help with your child's physical development and aid in stimulating their brain.

The thing is, finding the right type of toy for your child can be a bit of a challenge. But if you're looking for one that's packed with kid-friendly features and is adorable at the same time, then we've got just the toy you and your kid will enjoy!

The RC Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar by Kiddolab will have your child laughing with delight!

The vibrant colors of this caterpillar, along with its flashing bow tie, are sure to grab your child's attention from the get-go. They're going to have a blast pressing the buttons and watching this caterpillar wiggle as it crawls on the floor.

The unit runs on just three AA batteries while the remote control is powered by only two AAA batteries. Please note that the batteries are not included in the package.

This toy caterpillar also has 10 pre-programmed children's songs that your kids will have fun singing along with. If your kids aren't familiar with the songs, you can take this opportunity to teach them and create an awesome parent-child bonding experience!

Here are the pre-installed songs in this caterpillar toy:

▶️ "Camptown"

▶️ "Elephant Farmer"

▶️ "Say 'Hello'"

▶️ "This Old Man"

▶️ "Money Turky"

▶️ "Monkey Sleeping"

▶️ "The Old Clock"

▶️ "London Bridge is Falling Down"

▶️ "Bird Chadace"

▶️ "Polly Wolly Doodle"

Make playtime more enjoyable with irresistible interactive toys. Add the Kiddolab RC Wriggle 'N Giggle Caterpillar to your cart TODAY!


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