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Featured Super Moms

Marina from marinaisay-photography.com

My name is Marina Isai and I am a photographer located in Vancouver. I graduated from Moscow Humanitarian-Technical Academy in 2011. While studying photography in the university, I realized that I have a real passion for it and a creative eye for details.
So many things inspire me every day: traveling, nature, people, colors... Photography helps me keep all these beautiful moments.
Photography gives us memories, it carries us over the time and space, it is the best way to keep our memories intact. We often find ourselves struggling to remember occasions and experiences that by all means so important to us.


Natalia from Parawild
Co-founder of the kids helmet accessory

Why can’t helmets be functional AND fashionable!? As bikers, skiers, snowboarders, and cyclists, we wanted to find a way to have fun and stand out from the crowd. Our initial launch products are based on endangered animals with a percentage of profits towards their awareness. Be safe and have fun!


Leanne Shirtliffe, Author and Speaker from leanneshirtliffe.com

I grew up on a large grain farm 20 miles west of Winnipeg, Manitoba. For me, farming had three seasons: work, softball, and ringette.

After I finished high school and university, I left Canada and worked in Asia for eight years. It turned to be a build-your-own-family adventure. I met my husband in Bahrain, and we had twins in Thailand. We now live in Calgary, Alberta…near the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

I’ve been a teacher for more than 20 years, and it’s a job I absolutely love.

One of the main reasons I write children’s books is because I’m a big kid myself: I love to laugh and to learn new things. My goal is to never completely grow up.


Katya co-founder & CEO of heymama.co

Katya’s career began in 2007 with a niche in sales for tech startups in the media measurement space. After six very successful years at Critical Mention, she became number one in the sales division, bringing in approximately half the company’s revenue and closing three of its largest deals. Later, Katya went on to become the Global Director of Sponsorship Sales at Social Media Week where she not only built custom partnership programs but also programmed 5,000-person events. Katya's passion, however, has always been in connecting and learning about people and in supporting mothers with a mission. In 2014, she launched Heymama with best friend, Amri Kibbler. As Co-Founder & CEO, Katya is building the community from the ground up at heymama, focusing on vetting and developing meaningful partnerships with brands and members to find each other in a very cluttered space. She hopes this leads to connection and inspiration for mothers everywhere. When she’s not working, she’s rock climbing with her daughter, Liliana, or binge-watching Game of Thrones.