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About KiddoLab Products

“Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” O. Fred Donaldson

Through their own experiences as active parents, Lana and the team at KiddoLab have established a world-class learning toy brand that provides a solid foundation for the development of early skills. Critical mental and physical abilities like listening and verbal communication, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, music appreciation, hand-eye coordination, and much more are instilled through fun playtime activities.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, KiddoLab is a company dedicated to providing modern solutions for contemporary parents. The team is passionate about presenting the best possible tools for early childhood educational discovery as well as innovating designs that are bright, colorful, and multi-faceted.

Every learning toy from KiddoLab is painstakingly crafted to be visually appealing with colors, textures, and adorable animal designs that will capture your child’s attention and imagination. All KiddoLab toys are constructed for maximum durability and manufactured from completely safe, non-toxic, BPA-Free materials.

It is KiddoLab’s mission to constantly improve the lives of children and the parents who love them so much. We are proud to introduce this complete line of fun and educational toys for the early months and years of life. We look forward to hearing your stories, thoughts, and feedback.


We believe in the independence of the individual child and appreciate that each young person learns differently and must be allowed the freedom to experience their own unique educational journey throughout life.

We understand the needs of busy moms in the twenty-first century and it is our mission to assist these women to the best of our abilities with toys and tools that supplement a well-rounded growth experience by providing opportunities for discovery and development as well as fabulous designs, music for singing and dancing, and general happiness and inspiration.