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Shake 'N Dance Pals Crab: Musical Dancing Toy for Babies 3 Months+

Shake 'N Dance Pals Crab: Musical Dancing Toy for Babies 3 Months+

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🦀 A GROOVY CRUSTACEAN - This adorable crab toy shakes and wiggles like a real dancing crab to the tune of its own melodies. Your little one will definitely enjoy watching it dance all day long.

🦀 A PLUSH COMPANION - Designed for 3-month-old babies and older, this music toy is made with soft fabric and stuffing. When turned off, it can be used as a huggable plushie your child can sleep with.

🦀 EASY TO OPERATE - Fitted with a soft touch sensor, it's easier than ever to activate our dancing musical kids toys. Watch the crab jiggle and squirm to life with a tap of the sensor button.

🦀 MUSIC TO YOUR EARS - Our crab crawling toys are programmed with 5 popular children's nursery rhymes: Bingo, This Old Man, Farmer in the Dell, Polly Put the Kettle On, and Pop Goes the Weasel!

🦀 FOR LITTLE ADVENTURERS - Our moving crab toys are perfect for encouraging little ones to crawl and develop their gross motor skills. Watch them try to catch their new friend as it scurries away!

Nothing says fun like a dancing, shaking shellfish.

Infants are hard-wired to learn all sorts of things throughout their day. Unfortunately, if you're a parent invested in providing your little one with as many opportunities to learn and interact, it may be difficult to think of fun learning activities on a daily basis. This is where educational toys come in handy.

Interactive and educational children’s toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are toys that can sing and toys that can dance and move around. If these are the kinds of interactive toys you’re looking for, then our product is your best bet!

Give your child hours of fun playtime with the KiddoLab Shake 'N Dance Pals Crab.

With a simple touch of the sensor button, this adorable crab plushie comes to life, playing nursery rhymes and scurrying around. It moves only a few inches at a time so your child can easily play catch with it. It can encourage infants to crawl and even walk as they attempt to chase it.

Aside from its dancing and shaking movements, this soft crab toy can also play 5 children’s songs. The repetitive melodies are sure to entertain your little one. The toy is also easy to operate using only the touch sensor button. It runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Engineered for your child's safe enjoyment, our Shake 'N Dance Crab Pal is made with soft plush material. There are no choking hazards so you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety as they play with this cute crustacean.

Here are more reasons to love our dancing and shaking crab:

🦀 Made with kid-safe materials

🦀 Plays gentle music that isn’t too loud

🦀 Great gift for birthdays and baby showers

Encourage your child to learn and move with our little crab. Add the KiddoLab Shake 'N Dance Pals Crab to your cart NOW!


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