KiddoLab Baby Piano with DJ Mixer: Musical Toy for Toddlers 12 Months+ – KiddoLab Toys
KiddoLab Baby Piano with DJ Mixer: Musical Toy for Toddlers 12 Months+
KiddoLab Baby Piano with DJ Mixer: Musical Toy for Toddlers 12 Months+
KiddoLab Baby Piano with DJ Mixer: Musical Toy for Toddlers 12 Months+
KiddoLab Baby Piano with DJ Mixer: Musical Toy for Toddlers 12 Months+

KiddoLab Baby Piano with DJ Mixer: Musical Toy for Toddlers 12 Months+

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  • COLORFUL 8 NOTE KEYBOARD: Get your little concert pianist started right with this visually appealing, eight note major scale keyboard. Intended for ages twelve months plus, there are two optional modes of play: free play and play right.
  • DJ SCRATCH PAD WITH SOUND EFFECTS: It’s never too early to start honing your toddler’s DJ skills. Scratch along to the music with some zany built-in sound effects.
  • FIVE LIGHT-UP BUTTONS WITH ANIMAL SOUNDS: Make sure every party is a wild one with animal sound effects from five bright, colorful, backlit buttons.
  • EASY GRIP HANDLE: The brilliant red handle makes it easy to take the show on the road, whether your child’s next gig is in Miami, Paris, or the living room.
  • PRE-PROGRAMMED DEMO SONGS: On those rare occasions when writer’s block strikes, your youngster can sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the cool tunes that come already loaded on this fun toy piano.

A Fun and Educational Introduction to Music

Playing and performing music is instrumental to early childhood learning and intellectual development and the piano is one of the most visually simple and easy to understand instruments of them all. KiddoLab’s Baby Piano with DJ Mixer puts a fun, modern spin on the classic keyboard concept. Eight brightly colored piano keys introduce the major scale to your baby or toddler, and the pre-programmed songs are great for listening and understanding melody and basic music structure. The bright orange DJ mixer has zany sound effects built in for additional party time fun. Just above the piano keys are five colorful, light-up buttons for hilarious animal noises to make sure the music is extra wild.


KiddoLab’s Baby Piano with DJ Mixer comes packed with fun features for children including:

  • Colorful eight note keyboard.
  • Functional DJ Scratchpad.
  • Five light-up buttons with animal sound effects.
  • Pre-programmed demo songs.
  • Easy grip handle for fun on the go.
  • BPA Free, CPSC Certified and ASTM F963-16 Compliant.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).
  • Suitable for children ages 12m+

Unique and Thoughtful Design

The creative minds at KiddoLab always bring their unique expression of style to each toy they produce. This adorable toy piano’s every detail is brightly adorned and painstakingly crafted to be both functional and instantly appealing. Constructed from durable materials, this educational toy is built to last and is optimized for easy cleaning.



Customer Reviews

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J. Price
Great keyboard even for a six month old

It's perfect for six months and up. The keys can make normal piano notes or the additional buttons with animal sounds can change the sounds of the keys


It’s ok, yes it plays music when you push the keys but it doesn’t light up so baby wasn’t interested in it much. He’ll bang on it for 5sec and then becomes uninterested. Probably wouldn’t buy again

Cause and Effect

Says toy is for 12 months +, but we introduced this to our baby at 3 months and she was able to learn cause and effect from it very easily. At first she could only kick it, but she is now (5 months) playing with it with her hands in tummy time. Has a regular piano setting which we play for her sometimes, but we mostly use the song setting where a song plays as long as you are hitting a key. It doesn’t matter which key, so you will hear a pleasant song instead of discordant notes/sounds. Has volume control - 2 settings. As well, has 4 animal sounds which you can play as register of, but it ends up sounding quite odd so we don’t use those too much. Seems quite durable so far, no trouble with the keys. Easy to play and no pinched fingers. Great fun and not too annoying for the adults!

Mr. Lee
Christmas gift

This was the perfect Christmas gift for my granddaughter, she loves it.

Howie Kowfoot
Great for little ones

Bought as a gift for my nephew. He seems to really enjoy it, the older kids even like playing around with it.