A lot of people can probably relate to this topic. Especially those who are always busy, working. Or if you are a parent, tending the family, looking after the kids, household chores, and a lot of other things which eat up your time and energy. How can you fit your hobby into your very hectic schedule?

Personally, I do like to do a lot of things. I love to read, I play the guitar, my “passion” is singing, I like watching movies, tackling crossword puzzles, sewing, arts and crafts, and I love to cook also. How can I find time for these hobbies of mine, being a parent, with the household responsibilities on my shoulders? Allow me to share my personal experiences with you. And hopefully, you can learn from it, and probably pick up some tips.



Yes, the word is “demand”. Put your foot down and say “Every Sunday from 3 PM to 6 PM is my personal time”. This is actually my real personal time. I alternate doing the things I love to do like my hobbies every Sunday at these times. For example, this Sunday I will have a “concert”. I sing my heart out, concert level, and just have fun.

Then next Sunday I just pick up a book and read. But usually, if this happens, I go past my personal time. I must finish the book first before putting it down or else I forget about it. Then next Sunday I go on a movie marathon on my personal time, and so on, and so forth, until I get to do my hobbies.

But there are instances when you need to be flexible about your “declared” personal time. Important things sometimes come up which you need to attend to, so there is a need for you to put off your personal time. But that is alright, make up for it on your next personal time.



I usually do this every day. When the kids have gone to school, the husband has gone to work, I have the house all to myself then. And that will be for the whole day. What I do is I attend to all the chores that need to be done, cleaning up, doing the dishes, planning for dinner, and other daily tasks. With that out of the way, I put my feet up, relax and do what hobby I feel like busying myself with.

This is the reason why I say it is alright if my scheduled personal time is compromised. I make up for it during the week.



For those who are working or are employed, you can find time for your hobbies on weekends, when there is no work. Or you can do it during break time at work.

If you like knitting, doing crosswords, and other things, you can bring your materials with you when you go to work and work on it during break time. Doing your hobbies can be a stress reliever for you. After all the hard work and stress that working can give you, find relief with doing your hobby during break time. You will then be refreshed and energized and you can face the rest of the day at work with a positive outlook.



This concerns your hobbies. If you are unsure of what it is you like to do for hobbies, reflect on your past. Look back and see what things you did which you enjoyed and had fun with. Once you have pinpointed that particular hobby, and you have decided to make it your hobby, then find ways to do it.

If you are still unsure, the best thing for you to do is to experiment on different activities and find out which of these activities you enjoy the most.



Be honest and truthful to yourself. By this, we mean ask yourself if what you are doing really makes you happy and gives enjoyment and makes you feel relaxed? Or are you just doing it because it is the trend or your friends are doing it so you have to do it also? Are you doing it because it makes you famous?

You can answer these questions yourself. By hobby, we mean something which we do to relax us, relieve us from stress, and give us satisfaction and enjoyment. So reflect upon what you are doing and try answering these questions truthfully. Once you have answered these questions, make a decision regarding your hobbies, based on your truthful answer.



A breather is always a good thing. Even in school, there is recess. In our daily activities, we also need to take a break. During these breaks, you can insert your hobby to make you feel relaxed.



Making a list of what your activities would be will be able to make you see when you can squeeze your hobby into the scene. The list will help you manage your time, so you will know when your “free time” will be which you can spend to do your hobby.



If you are a professional, working takes up most of your day. So maybe you can set aside a time for your hobby during the weekend, or at night, before going to bed. A hobby is important to us. This is sort of a stress reliever, especially if it is something you really enjoy doing.


It takes time for your passion to develop. So give it time. If you have been truthful to yourself and have realized and decided upon what you are really passionate about, then give it time to grow and develop. Do not rush it. It may have negative effects on you if you rush it.


Having written all these tips, hopefully they will help. Let us find what our heart’s desire is and have fun with it.