Once you become a mother, there is a tendency that you may neglect or have no time to maintain your looks. Motherhood eats up a lot of your time, energy and money. So will you still have time to look after yourself and give yourself the time to make you look good and maybe be updated with the latest trends in beauty and fashion? The answer to this is a big “YES”.

How should you do it then? Time management is the key. If you know how to manage your time properly, then you will be able to find time to do everything, especially those things which you used to do when you were not a mother yet.

In this article, you will be given tips on how to look stylish and “replenish” your closet without spending too much money on clothes. This is important especially if you are a working mom. You most definitely need stylish clothes to wear to the office every day.



It is best that you go to affordable shops and buy clothes there. The things in this shop may not cost much, but they might surprise you.

Discount Stores – these stores offer designer clothes and trendy stuffs at reasonable prices. So if you are a designer clothes “fan”, this is the best store for you to shop for clothes. You must try visiting them every week since they replenish their stocks every so often. This way, you will have a variety of clothes to choose from if you chance upon when they have just replenished their stocks. Discount stores do not have the option to return merchandise which are not sold. Everything must go, so to say. This is the reason why they sell their wares at discounted prices.

Thrift Stores – Thrift stores are places where you literally dig into things. It may not be the most comfortable place to shop, but you may find unique and one of a kind clothes there. And they definitely cost less, too. Shopping at thrift stores is not at all that glamorous. You need to invest enough time to search for things amongst the clutter in a thrift shop. Here you will find clothes from different era. And a lot of dust too. Nevertheless, you will still end up with things you may not imagine they have which you might like.

Outlet Malls – Outlet malls offer discounts and sale. Try visiting one and find out if you can find exciting things there. But you must be prepared to spend much time in an outlet store. Going through the things they offer is time consuming. But it may be worth it since you may find exciting stylish additions to your closet at low prices.

Sale Racks – Make sale racks your favorite spot in a store. Every time you enter a store, look for the sale rack. Make sure you go to it directly. Sale racks have stylish but low-cost clothes on display often. You just need to go through them thoroughly. You do not need to wear expensive clothes to be stylish.

Online Shopping – this is the trend today. Online shopping has dominated the scene. With the fast pace of life these days, people do not seem to have time to do things leisurely. Even shopping, which, is one of the most favorite things that women love to do, seem to have taken to the sidelines. Online shopping is the “in” thing today. In online shopping, you will have a wide range of clothes to choose from. And they will not cost you much either.

But be careful with online shopping though. Online shopping is not exempted from scams. So make sure you choose a legitimate seller who is worth putting your trust into. Find one who also has a good supplier. Online shopping is an easy, stress free, and time saving way of shopping. And the items they sell do not cost much either.



Trading in your old clothes for new ones may also be done. This is usually possible in resale stores.

Exchanging old clothes for new ones – this may usually be done in resale stores. This is a good way to do away with clothes which you no longer wear or need. You can exchange them for new ones. It will seem like you have just gone shopping as you will have new clothes to add to your closet, without spending at all.

Selling your old clothes – this may also be done in resale stores. But you need patience to do this, even when you exchange your old clothes for new ones. One store may not like your clothes, but you will, most surely, find one which will have them and will be happy to do business with you. You can then purchase new clothes out of the proceeds from your sales.

Donate your old clothes – now this is a good way to “throw away” your old clothes. Not literally though. By “Throwing Away”. We mean donating them to charities or thrift stores. Other people may find use for your old clothes. Some thrift shops offer something in exchange for donations.

Upgrade your old clothes – make your old clothes look like new and different. To do this, all you need is a pair of scissors, some accessories, and pins, thread, and a needle. And most of all, make sure you are equipped with imagination and creativity. It is just like making a scrap book. You need to be creative with it. Re- model your old clothes to make them look new again, and different, too, without spending much.

Swapping your old clothes – you can do this with your friends or other family members. You can swap your old clothes to them, in exchange for their old clothes, too. But when we say “old” clothes, it does not mean “too old”. You also have to see to it that the items involved are still in good condition and wearable.

Hopefully these tips will help you maintain a stylish closet without spending too much on clothes. The savings you will have from shopping for clothes may be used for other things and expenses in the home.