If you are an expectant mother, shopping for your baby’s clothes and other stuff is an exciting task to look forward to. Especially if you have the budget for it. But still, even with a budget available for these things, it is still in our nature to try to save as much as we can when we shop.

How can we save money when we shop for stuff, especially clothes for our babies? The most probable answer would be “buy only the things which are really needed”.



  1. I have two kids, and shopping for baby clothes was one thing I enjoyed doing when they were babies. We used to live on a small budget, but still, I was able to buy clothes and things for them to make them comfortable. How did I do it? Simple. They are babies. They grow up fast. So it is not advisable that you buy them clothes which cost much. Yes, I bought one or two expensive stuff, but that’s it. The rest are on sale or on a bargain, or those which do not cost a lot. There are lots of these low-cost baby clothes which are comfortable and of good quality if you only know where and what to look for. Babies can outgrow their clothes fast, so it is impractical to buy them expensive clothes.
  2. Buy only clothes which are really necessary. Those which you think that your baby does not really need, do not buy it.
  3. Do not buy too much. It is also not advisable to buy a lot of baby clothes since babies grow up fast and they will definitely outgrow their clothes before you know it.
  4. There are these things called garage sale or yard sale. Your neighbors might have a garage or yard sales. You can check it out. Who knows, you might find stuff for your baby all for just a small amount.
  5. Hand me downs are also factors which can help you save money on baby clothes. You might have family members who used to have babies and they have the clothes and other stuff of their babies stored. If they do not need it anymore, they can hand it down to your baby. There are cases where it is not just family members who hand down baby clothes and things, but friends may do this also.

I can relate to this situation. When I had my eldest child, my sister gave me her baby’s old clothes and stuff (including carriage and crib), so I only had to buy those that my baby daughter needed most then, which were not among the things that my sister gave me. Hand me downs saved me a lot of money then.

  1. Keep your baby’s outgrown clothes and stuff. This is advisable if you are still young and childbearing is still possible in the future. Once your baby has outgrown his or her clothes if you are planning to have another baby in the future, keep and store your baby’s old clothes and things so your next baby can use it in the future. This will save you a lot of money since you will no longer buy a lot of baby clothes and things, but only those that are really necessary for your next baby.



I suggest that before you go shopping, make a list of the necessary things so you will not overspend.

  • Hats – You need to buy two hats for your baby. Or if you want, three at the most. Two hats are needed in case one gets dirty, one for wear and one for a wash. If you want a third one, its ok, but that’s it. Hats are important for keeping your baby warm in the early stage.
  • Socks – This is to make sure your baby’s feet are cozy.
  • Rompers or body suits – Bodysuits are no fuzz outfits. Make sure you have one for each day, seven of them, for the whole week.
  • Sleepers – Your baby’s night time clothes must be soft and comfortable. Make sure that they are lightweight, just enough to keep your baby warm, and secure so it will not shift while your baby is sleeping.
  • Blankets – buy at least two blankets. Make sure it is lightweight, made of cotton especially.
  • Special Outfits – a few special outfits is fine since there will be photo shoots or occasions where you need to go to and bring your baby along with you.
  • Other Items – you can add a few items like leg warmers, bibs, mittens, and others, but make sure that they are of use to your baby.
  • Bunting Sack or Coat – this is in case the weather gets colder. It will keep your baby warm
  • Slippers or Shoes – this may not be really necessary for newborns, but it will add extra warmth.

The above mentioned are just suggestions and tips on how you can save money on baby clothes. Since the most common advice would be to buy only what is necessary, tips on what to include in your baby’s shopping list is also given. But it all depends on your lifestyle and capacity.

If you have more than enough money-wise, then it will probably not hurt if you really go on a shopping spree for your baby. But if you belong to an average-earning family, these tips may help.

As parents, mothers most especially, we want to give the best to our babies. But always remember to be practical and resourceful when doing your shopping.

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