Being a mother is a very hard but fulfilling responsibility. Expecting a baby brings joy and excitement to parents, especially to mothers. But it also brings apprehension and doubts to first time mothers. Will they be able to take care of their babies properly? Will they bring up their child the way they should be brought up? Will they be able to provide for their children?

Having had my first child at an early age, I, too, had those questions and fears. I, too, had my share of doubts and fears, but they were over shadowed by my excitement and happiness as an expectant first time mom.

There are a lot of “what’s” and “what if’s” for first tie mothers. But thanks to technology, a lot of tips and instructional videos and the like may now be found on the internet. The questions lurking and bothering every first time mom’s mind can now be answered easily.

All you need is a device which can be connected to the internet and an internet connection. Then Google. The net has almost all the answers for your questions.



First time moms must learn how to handle their babies. Your baby may be small and frail but do not be afraid to touch and hold your baby. Let your baby feel that you are there, no matter what happens. The bond between you and your baby starts from the time you touch and hold your baby in your arms.

A baby needs to feel secure, loved, and protected. A mother’s touch and embrace gives that to her baby. There are studies made which prove that babies who are held by their mothers for no less than two hours a day become happy babies. They develop a good personality and cry less.

When you hold your baby, make sure that you support his or her back and neck. A baby is fragile. Just like any other fragile and precious objects, your baby must be handled properly and with care. Your baby’s back and neck are not fully developed yet. Make sure that when you pick your baby up, his or her back and neck are supported properly by your hands. You can also support your baby’s head by leaning it against your shoulder.

Never shake your baby. This is a very important thing to remember. Whether you do it in frustration or fun that is a big, big mistake. Shaking your baby can cause bleeding in your baby’s brain. When you wake your baby up, it is not advised that you shake him or her. Find other ways to wake your baby up like tickling his or her, (but tickle gently), or kissing and blowing your baby’s cheek.

Because your baby’s immune system is not that strong yet, make sure you have clean hands when you handle your baby. It would be much, much better if you disinfect first before holding your baby. Unclean hands can make your baby sick and may cause complications.




Now this is another challenging task for first time moms. There are babies (most of them, actually), are afraid of water. I remember my eldest child. Every time I bathe her, she not only cries, but wails the moment she feels water on her body.

Here are helpful tips on how to bathe your baby. Bathing your baby may not be very easy, but it will be made a little easier by this tips.

  • Prepare everything you need for bathing your baby. Soap, shampoo, wash cloth, towel, lotion, powder, and whatever you need to bathe your baby.
  • Prepare your baby’s bath. It may be just a small tub, a baby basin, or your regular bathtub. Make sure that the temperature of the water is just right, not too cold nor too hot. You can test the water first. You also have to make sure that the room where you are going to bathe our baby I is warm.
  • Hold your baby close to you while undressing him or her. This is to make your baby feel secure.
  • When bathing, put your baby gently on the water, with one hand supporting him or her, while the other hand is used to wash your baby. Start with your baby’s face, then the neck, down to the body, the diaper area, up to your baby’s toes.
  • If you are through washing, wrap a soft dry towel around your baby. Dry off your baby and put oil or lotion on your baby then dress him or her up with clean, soft clothes. You can clean up and put away your baby’s bath items later.



It is not that hard to feed your baby. It only takes breastfeeding to accomplish this task. But to make it easier for first time moms to breastfeed, here are some tips:

  • A position which you will be comfortable to breastfeed with is recommended most. Whether you are sitting or lying down is fine, As long as you are comfortable, then make it your position when breastfeeding.
  • Lift your baby up with the help of a pillow while breastfeeding. This way, you will not have to strain your arms, back and neck.
  • Position your baby well before you start feeding him or her. The proper position is your baby’s belly must be against your stomach with his or her chin level with your breast. This will make your baby get more milk better.
  • Make sure your baby’s mouth is around your breast.



Feed your baby often, Milk aids your baby’s growth and development. Feeding time must not be controlled, especially on infants. They do not have fixed sleeping and feeding schedules yet. Make sure you have enough diapers. An infant may use up to ten diapers a day. Do not be alarmed. This is a sign that your baby is getting enough nourishment and that his or her digestive system is functioning properly.

Play with your baby. Playing with your baby makes him or her happy. This will be a big help in developing a positive personality in your baby. This will make your baby feel special.

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